Spectacular Studios: Onesal Studio

How did I find them?

So, who are they?

“Getting into graphic design wasn’t really something I planned on doing. Instead it was something that just happened. I was interested in film and studying media at school, but being a computer geek I started doing some After Effects tutorials at home, trying to build a small portfolio making some mock animations.” — Interview with ‘Inside the Rift’

Project Examples

Visual ASMR

Visual ASMR — Full Video

Citizen Attesa

“CITIZEN has two universes: one is inside a clock that was created by humans, a micro-universe with perfect beauty. The other is the real universe, a symbol of human challenge, and innovation.

The story that connects these two worlds together is proof that CITIZEN technology is looking into the universe. — Onesal

Hanami 2050 — Digital Flower Installation




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