Madrid based Art Director & 3D artist, Gonzalo Miranda, creates a whole range of incredible artwork utilising his skillset of set design, environmental design, and even VR modelling. His works vary within different branches of design with a deep knowledge of space and lighting, usually used in advertising, product and interior design. I’ve been chatting with him for years now, and he’s certainly been a huge inspiration for me.

Gonzalo has been on my Instagram feed for as long as I can remember. I think he’s pretty much become a permanent feature when I look for inspiration online now, and his work always just makes me want to get designing! His work is already known well in the community, but with the new popularity of NFT’s — his work has been shared all over!

Working with clients like Facebook, Oakley, Microsoft, Google and many more, and studios like Man Vs Machine, Tendril, Serial Cut, The Mill etc... But with the level of his work, it’s no wonder these studios…

Charlie Ellis

Trying to make my way in the world of design. Nottingham Trent Graphic Design Student.

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