Madrid based Art Director & 3D artist, Gonzalo Miranda, creates a whole range of incredible artwork utilising his skillset of set design, environmental design, and even VR modelling. His works vary within different branches of design with a deep knowledge of space and lighting, usually used in advertising, product and interior design. I’ve been chatting with him for years now, and he’s certainly been a huge inspiration for me.

Gonzalo has been on my Instagram feed for as long as I can remember. I think he’s pretty much become a permanent feature when I look for inspiration online now, and his work always just makes me want to get designing! His work is already known well in the community, but with the new popularity of NFT’s — his work has been shared all over!

Working with clients like Facebook, Oakley, Microsoft, Google and many more, and studios like Man Vs Machine, Tendril, Serial Cut, The Mill etc... But with the level of his work, it’s no wonder these studios…

Well. I’m finished. The final hand-in for university is complete, and I don’t think it’s really hit me yet.

The past few weeks have been some of the most difficult, enjoyable, and stressful parts of my university career; and it all finished with an ‘Upload’ button on our submission website. I’ll never know if a physical submission would’ve been more exciting, but it really was anti-climactic uploading my final work onto the website after all this time. One thing I can say though, is that I'm incredibly proud of myself. When I look back at where I started this mission to becoming a designer, it’s comforting to be able to say:

“I did it”.

A bit of backstory to my journey (it wouldn’t be an article about myself with some backstory):

I applied all the way…

London based Swedish Motion Designer & Director, Jesper Lindborg, creates incredibly delicate abstract artwork with a real focus on texturing and lighting. He’s been written about in a host of publications, and I was lucky enough to have a chat with him! He’s become a huge inspiration for myself — with his work piquing my interest for years!

If you haven’t seen Jesper's work on his website or Instagram, I’m sure you must have seen it somewhere on the web before! His work has been shared all over; with Behance, Vimeo, DopeRadCool and many more featuring his work. His work with Clear Channel was shared everywhere too, with publications like Dezeen, Fubiz and Design Collector writing about the campaign.

His work his wonderfully playful and creative, and his website is a dream to sift through — and by the looks of it, I’m not just the only one that thinks that! …

American Freelance 3D Designer, Aaron Covrett, creates wonderfully detailed artworks that ooze endless amounts of creatively and skill. He’s become a well-known name in the industry; with artist spotlights from Substance Magazine, 3D Artist Mag and Greyscale Gorilla to name a few! He’s a brilliant designer, and his work is a dream to look at!

Aaron Covrett — if you’re interested in 3D, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of this guy. I’ve been following his work for a few years now, and I think the 3D industry really saw his potential when he released the ‘Bus Ride’ animation back in mid-2018. The texturing, lighting and just the overall production of the piece was absolutely amazing. It was so hard to tell what was 3D and what wasn’t — something I absolutely love about Aaron’s work.

The guy’s personal work isn’t just the only thing that sounds out. Just look at his client list…

Swedish Designer and Animation Director, Jonathan Lindgren, is an award-winning freelancer specialising in 3D design. With an impressive client list, and having been featured in numerous publications, Jonathan has made a name for himself in the industry and has become many studios ‘go-to’ for freelance animation!

Jonathan has made a name for himself as a freelance motion designer by seemingly having done everything! From TV and film-productions to commercials and brand identity. Currently working as a freelance artist in Stockholm, Jonathan has worked for some of the biggest brands; with Bang&Olufsun, Asics, Google, Xiaomi being a few! As well as working for some of the hottest 3D and motion studios around -Yambo Studio, Kühl & Han, Tendril.

Why does he inspire me?

As a student hoping to become a 3D/Motion Designer, Jonathan’s work is a huge inspiration for me. I think I found Jonathan’s work back in 2018 when he worked…

Portuguese Art Director and Designer, Nidia Dias, is an incredibly talented artist with some insanely good skills in Cinema 4D and Photoshop! Over the years, the HP ambassador has built an incredible portfolio and has worked with everyone under the sun! You know you’re something special when you’ve worked a client list as long as hers!

Just before I start, I just want to mention clearly how passionate Nidia is. Not only at design, but also at really helping people. She’s done loads of talks, has some amazing tutorials and her website is a dream for inspiration! Her Instagram is full of both final work and process, and it’s so invaluable for us students learning to be motion/3D designers.

I’m pretty sure found her work back around the end of 2017, but it might have been in 2018! I clearly remember seeing a series she did, called ‘Flow’ — a series of images all based on…

German 3D and Motion Designer, Linus Zoll, uses his incredible skillset to create some of the most realistic work you’ll see out there! Ranging from product design to interior design, to landscapes, to everything in between! Linus is an extremely talented designer, and also a lovely person to chat to!

I’ve been following Linus’ work for a few years now, with the first project of his popping up on my Behance when I was in Secondary School. I remember thinking, ‘Wait. He did this in 3D!?’ I still love that project to this day and I can credit Linus with being one of the first designers that I really became invested in. From this, I think it’s pretty fair to say that Linus has had a decent influence on the start of my journey in the world of design!

Linus has worked with some amazing artists (just hearing the names…

Tokyo based motion graphics studio, Onesal, is one of the most inventive and experimental CG studios around! The collective of animators, along with founder Nahuel Salcedo, create some of the most hyperrealistic animation work I’ve ever seen, and they are certainly a huge inspiration of mine.

How did I find them?

Interestingly, I found their work along with the Spanish studio Six N Five back in 2018, but I really became a huge fan of Onesal’s work around the start of 2020. …

German Freelance 3D designer, Mariusz Becker, produces incredibly realistic artwork that combines a love for 3D design, and photography. His designs range from environmental visualization, to surrealist visions, to photorealistic architecture, and much more! Mariusz is a really interesting designer to study, and I feel like I can relate to him quite a lot!

Before I start talking about his work, can I just say how incredibly nice Mariusz is haha! I found his work back in 2018 (I believe it was my good mate Lewis who showed me his work first!) and I fell in love with his work. Mariusz has worked with some other amazing artists such as the guys over at Yambo studio (Yambo, Linus Zoll, Ezequiel Grand to name a few!) as well as working freelance for some of the worlds biggest brands; Adobe, Apple, Oppo, Vivo, Nike… So it’s safe to say, he knows what he’s doing!

Why does he inspire me?

Mariusz is…

Emmy award-winning Los Angeles based motion designer, Michael Rigley, has been a freelance artist in the industry for over 10 years, working alongside some of the brands and clients in the world. For me, he’s an absolute legend in the industry, and I’ve been following his work for 4 years now!

Michael is a world-renowned designer whose graphics and concept art have contributed to some of the most innovative design projects of the past 10 years. I mean he’s worked with some of the biggest names in the industry; Adobe, Dolby, Audi, Nissan, Acura etc… and not only has he worked for the biggest brands, but also the biggest agencies; GMunk, The Mill, Blur, Framestore… the list just goes on and on!

After Effects Splash Screen

Why does he inspire me?

When I first started getting really into digital design (through my Product Design A-Level) I used my computer skills to try out 3D modeling, slowly developing my skills on…

Charlie Ellis

Trying to make my way in the world of design. Nottingham Trent Graphic Design Student.

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